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If you want to be involved with the activities of IFD, please send us your idea by email at Since email communication is not 100% secured, we discourage you to send us a valuable idea by email . In that case, if you express your primary interest by email, we will eventually give you a postal address to send the idea either by post or courier. This is to be mentioned that any activity relating to the IFD will be purely on voluntary basis.

You can play the following roles in IFD:

Become an IFD Fellow

If you send us an idea that qualifies to write an Exclusive Paper or a Policy Paper, you will then become an IFD Fellow. In that case, IFD will provide you all sorts of advices and guidance to be the author of this paper. If you send us a detailed idea that is almost complete and does not need editing and improvement, the paper will be published under your authorship only. However, if this idea needs to be improved substantially, you will be the joint author of this paper. Whether you will be the first or second author will depend on your overall contribution to the paper.


Become an IFD Scholar

If you send us an article on a particular national or global issue, and if this meets a certain standard, IFD will publish your article under your name only, and your name will eventually be listed as an IFD Scholar.


Become an IFD Reviewer

You can also involve yourself by becoming an expert reviewer of the research papers to be published by the IFD. As a reviewer of a paper, you will be responsible to review, edit and translate research papers before publication. 


Become an IFD Member

If you do not have any idea to share and does not have the expertise for becoming an IFD Reviewer, there is still an opportunity for you to be involved with IFD. If you support the mission of IFD, and just want to stay with us watching what's going on, then enlist yourself as a Member of IFD. Email us at with your detailed profile and contact and request for a membership*.

This is to be highlighted that you don't need a high academic qualification to be either a Fellow or a Scholar of IFD. All you need is an innovative mind and the ability to think different from others. However, for becoming an IFD Reviewer, you will need expertise in the related field.

* We thank Mr Md Mizanur Rahman of Dhaka, Bangladesh, for giving us this advice.