IDEAS FOR DEVELOPMENT (IFD) is a virtual Think-tank. Its mission is to ensure the welfare of the humanity through the promotion, generation and dissemination of innovative development related ideas with the help of the internet.

The mission of IFD is reflected in its logo, which comprises colors denoting four prominent races in the world. IFD firmly believes that the persisting economic and social disparity amongst different nations are the roots of all evils. Therefore, IFD will work relentlessly to reduce this disparity through the development and promotion of various economic and social ideas. IFD does not have any office in any country or region. It operates in the virtual world only.

IFD expects that it will be able to become an important meeting place for the new generation thinkers, who will share their respective ideas and thoughts through the use of information technology. If this process continues successfully, IFD will eventually act as a hub for the new generation thinkers. To know the detailed profile and activities of IFD, please click here (Bangla) (English)